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Show that you share (again)

December 4th, 2007 by Graham Attwell


Neat photo from On-line Educa – thanks to Peter Himsel who took the picture and thanks to Online Educa and to Peter for releasing under a Creative Commons attribution license.

It seems strange to me but I am still finding people who don’t know about next weeks Bazaar event – Show that you Share taking place in Utrecht on Friday 14 December. It is free and there are still places left. If you would like to come just email me or Raymond Elferink. Full details can be found on the Bazaar Web site.

And if you need more details to be convinced here is the draft programme.

The conference is based on five main themes:

  • Hey Dude, Where’s my Data? On data security, privacy and sustainability
  • Social Software, Tools and Content Creation
  • OERs and the Culture of Sharing
  • Interoperability and Metadata and OERs
  • PLEs, ePortfolio’s and Informal Learning

We were also concerned that the event would be participatory with spaces for participants to present key ideas and work in progress.

Our proposal for the structure of the meeting is as follows:

9:30 Coffee and Registration
10:00 Session 1: Introduction to themes – Graham Attwell, Raymond Elferink, George Bekiaridis and Ineke Lam
11:00 Session 2: Workshops and round tables –

  • Social networking services & social search – led by Josie Fraser, EdTechUK, UK
  • THINKing and UNDERSTANDing the internet – led by Helen Keegan, Salford University, UK
  • Building an infrastructure for lifelong competence development – led by Wolgang Greller, Open University, NL
  • Each session will last 30 minutes with participants rotating between different round table / workshops

    12:30 Lunch break (lunch will be provided for participants)

    13:30 Session 3: workshops and round tables

  • Developing Open Educational Resources – led by Marco Kalz, Open University, NL
  • The use of wikis and open architecture spaces to promote a culture of sharing – led by Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, UK
  • Creating and sharing Open Educational resources – led by Veronika Hornung, Salzburg Research, AT
  • Each session will last 30 minutes with participants rotating between different round table / workshops

    15:00 Session 4: Open Space – conference participants present their ideas – posters / 5 minute presentations

    15:30 Drawing it together – what have we learnt – where do we go next

    16:00 Drinks

    News from Berlin

    November 30th, 2007 by Graham Attwell

    A quick post from the Online Educa conference in Berlin.

    The experiment working with students from Koblenz producing podcasts from the conference is great fun – will report more on it later.

    And yesterday I did a stand in key note presentation – Web 2.0, Social Software and Personal Learning Environments. A copy of that will also appear here soon.

    And of course we are getting those podcasts out. Here is Sounds of the Bazaar 17 – a special edition on podcasting in education. This is a link to the full edition – if you want to access the individual items in the programme head over to the Bazaar site and listen there.

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      News Bites

      Innovation is male dominated?

      Times Higher Education reports that in the UK only one in 10 university spin-out companies has a female founder, analysis suggests. And these companies are much less likely to attract investment too, raising concerns that innovation is becoming too male-dominated.

      Open Educational Resources

      BYU researcher John Hilton has published a new study on OER, student efficacy, and user perceptions – a synthesis of research published between 2015 and 2018. Looking at sixteen efficacy and twenty perception studies involving over 120,000 students or faculty, the study’s results suggest that students achieve the same or better learning outcomes when using OER while saving a significant amount of money, and that the majority of faculty and students who’ve used OER had a positive experience and would do so again.

      Digital Literacy

      A National Survey fin Wales in 2017-18 showed that 15% of adults (aged 16 and over) in Wales do not regularly use the internet. However, this figure is much higher (26%) amongst people with a limiting long-standing illness, disability or infirmity.

      A new Welsh Government programme has been launched which will work with organisations across Wales, in order to help people increase their confidence using digital technology, with the aim of helping them improve and manage their health and well-being.

      Digital Communities Wales: Digital Confidence, Health and Well-being, follows on from the initial Digital Communities Wales (DCW) programme which enabled 62,500 people to reap the benefits of going online in the last two years.

      See here for more information

      Zero Hours Contracts

      Figures from the UK Higher Education Statistics Agency show that in total almost 11,500 people – both academics and support staff – working in universities on a standard basis were on a zero-hours contract in 2017-18, out of a total staff head count of about 430,000, reports the Times Higher Education.  Zero-hours contract means the employer is not obliged to provide any minimum working hours

      Separate figures that only look at the number of people who are employed on “atypical” academic contracts (such as people working on projects) show that 23 per cent of them, or just over 16,000, had a zero-hours contract.

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