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Radio goodness at Online Educa Berlin

November 26th, 2013 by Graham Attwell

It is nearly the end of November and time for Pontydysgu’s annual trip to Online Educa Berlin. And as usual, together with our friends form the University of Koblenz) we will be presenting our Internet Radio show, the Sounds of the Bazaar, live from the conference.

Sounds of the Bazaar will go out on Thursday 5th of December and Friday 6th December at 1100 – 1140 Central European Time. As usual we will present all the best from Online Educa, including interviews with speakers and participants and visitors and reflecting on this years developments and trends in the use of technology for learning.

There are different ways you can get involved. If you are coming to Online Educa we would love to interview you live on the show. Just email me Graham Attwell at graham10 [at] mac [dot] com telling me what you would like to talk about. Or come along to find us at our planning meeting from around 1400 on Wednesday 4th in the Marlene Bar. Or just turn up for the broadcast – once more by the Marlene Bar – and we will try to fit you in. If you aren’t lucky enough to be coming to the conference in Berlin, then be sure to tune into our programmes.

The address of our live stream is Open this in your internet browser and it should stream from your MP3 player of choice (e.g. iTunes). And we will tell you how you can get in touch with us to ask your own questions or give us feedback on the broadcasts.

This year we have a special extra programme. RadioActive Europe is a European Commission funded project a pan-European Internet Radio platform, incorporating Web 2.0 functionality, linked to innovative community based pedagogies to address themes of employability, inclusion and active citizenship in an original and exciting way. Along with the project coordinators, the University of East London and the University of Koblenz, we will be presenting the project on the European Commission stand that Online Educa. As part of our presentation , we will, of course be broadcasting a live radio show. We will be talking live to the different project partners and exploring their work with different groups through RadioActive Europe. At the same time we will be featuring short clips from broadcasts for each of the project partner countries – in the UK, Germany, Portugal. Romania and Malta.

And once more we would love to hear from you. The programme will go out from 1215 to 1300 CET on Thursday 4th December from the EU stand at the conference. Once more if you are not able to be in Berlin tune onto the programme live. The address for the radio stream is

If you cannot listen n live, podcasts from the programmes will be available on the RadioActive101 web site, the Pontydysgu web site and Online Educa following the conference.

Look forward to talking to you all – face to face or live on internet radio – next week.



Sounds of the Bazaar: Question Time at OEB 2012

December 20th, 2012 by Dirk Stieglitz

We had great multimedia fun at Online Educa Berlin. Besides presenting two of our by now traditional live radio programmes from the main bar at the conference, we also staged a Question time session. This offers a topical debate following the popular BBC Radio 4 format for sharp analysis, up-to-date knowledge, insights and a fresh view on education 2.0.

Participants (the audience) were invited to put forward questions to a panel for discussion.

The programme was chaired by Graham Attwell. The panel members were:

Paul Glader, WiredAcademic LLC, Germany

Kirsten Winkler, EDUKWEST, France

Melanie Campbell, Bau ABC Rostrup, Germany

Nick Kearney, Andamio Education and Technology, Spain

Sounds of the Bazaar live from Online EDUCA Berlin 2012 (2)

December 3rd, 2012 by Dirk Stieglitz

Here is the podcast version of our second live internet radio show from Online EDUCA Berlin 2012. Details about people and programme will follow.

The music we played came from the album “Elixir” by “The TenGooz“. This and more you find on the great music website And as pre-programme music we had some great tracks from good old Woody Guthrie.

Sounds of the Bazaar live from Online EDUCA Berlin 2012 (1)

November 29th, 2012 by Dirk Stieglitz

Here is the podcast version of our first live internet radio show from Online EDUCA Berlin 2012. Details about people and programme will follow.

The music we played come from the album “Elixir” by “The TenGooz“. This and more you find on the great music website

Join us in Berlin

November 15th, 2012 by Graham Attwell

Pontydysgu staff are busy planning their annual outing to Online Educa Berlin. And as well as our usual radio shows, we have organised a symposium for the recently launched Learning Layers project. If you are coming to Berlin we would love to meet up with you. Better still, come and discuss your ideas on one of our radio programmes. And if you can’t make it to Berlin you can still catch a flavour of the conference through our daily Sounds of the Bazaar magazine programmes and our Question Time panel show.

Here are the details.

Thursday November 29

Time: 16:30 to 17:30 CET

Location: Charlottenburg III

Question Time

Join Graham Attwell in a topical debate which follows the popular BBC Radio 4 format for sharp analysis, up-to-date knowledge, insight and a fresh view on education 2.0. Please send your questions to these speakers in advance to QuestionTime [at] OEB [dot] com

The panel for this session is:

  • Paul Glader – and European Journalism Fellow at Frei Universitat in Berlin.
  • Kirsten Winkler – educational blogger
  • Melanie Campbell – Bau ABC
  • Nick Kearny – Andamio Education and Technology

You can listen to this session live on Internet radio from 1645 CET at

The stream will open in your MP3 player of choice

Sounds of the Bazaar

“Sounds of the Bazaar” broadcaster Graham Attwell will host a forty minute show live from OEB on Thursday and Friday at 11:00. Each show will feature a mix of interviews with speakers and live debates on issues emerging from the conference. The programmes will be streamed live and can be tuned into using any MP3 application at

They will also be available after the conference as a podcast at

Friday 30 November

Time: 11.45 – 1300

Location: Tegel


Using Technology for Informal Learning and knowledge Sharing in Small and Medium Enterprises

This session, around the EU Learning layers project, will challenge our existing thinking about building the skills which are critical for small business success. It will uncover ideas to engage busy business managers and improve performance.


  • Graham Attwell, Pontydysgu
  • Ludger Deitmer, ITB, University of Bremen
  • Melanie Campbell, Bau ABC
  • Tobias Funke, Agentur für nachhaltiges Bauen

If you would like to come on one of the radio shows – or just meet up for a chat and a beer – email or skype Graham Attwell – graham10 [at] mac [dot] com


European Conference on Educational Research: the Podcast (Episode 1)

September 25th, 2012 by Graham Attwell

Last week we broadcast three live internet radio programmes from the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) in Cadiz. Here is the first of the programmes.

ECER is a huge conference, this year attracted some 2700 participants. It is run by 27  networks who each put together their own programme. The networks cover a wide range of topics – from Continuing Professional Development: Learning for Individuals, Leaders, and Organisations to Open Learning: Media, Environments and Cultures to  Social Justice and Intercultural Education.

We wanted to reflect the diversity of the networks in our programmes and at the same time try to capture something of the feel of the conference. I don;t know if we succeeded but it was a lot of fun and also hard work.

Many thanks to the Pontydysgu crew: Nic, Jen, Dirk and Maria.

Programme participants (in running order)

  • Jennifer Collins – From the EERA office talks about her role in the conference
  • Tina Besley & Michael Peters – University of Waikato, New Zealand talk about their network’s research into Intercultural Education and Dialogue
  • Danny Durant – From the Institute of Education, London, talks about ECER London 2014
  • Kerry Facer, Helen Manchester & Howard Baker – Discuss their research into Open Learning
  • Phil Mudd – From Routledge Press talks about e-publishing and the threats and opportunities it poses to traditional modes of publishing
  • Vox Pops – Roving reporter Jen Hughes pounces on unsuspecting delegates to find out what they think about the conference

Programme length: 30 minutes

Live from the European Conference on Educational Research

September 12th, 2012 by Graham Attwell

The European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) starts next Tuesday in Cadiz in Spain. Some 2000 delegates will take part, organised through 28 networks covering different areas and themes in education.

Not able to attend yourself? Pontydysgu are working with EERA, who run the conference, to provide alive stream of the four keynote speeches. We will be also broadcasting three live half hour internet radio programmes from the conference. The details are below (all times are Central European summer Time).

The live video can be accessed through the conference web site (full details will be on the site in the next 48 hours).

The radio programmes can be accessed at Click on the link and the stream will open in your MP3 player of choice (e.g. iTunes).

Wednesday 19 September
14:00 – 15:00 Keynote 1 – What is ‘the Human’ about the Humanities today?  – Rosi Braidotti
14:00 – 15:00 Keynote 2  – Two different realms. Politics and Educational Knowledge in European history – Marcelo Caruso

Thursday 20 September

10:30 – 11:00 Conference radio programme 1
14:00 – 15:00 Keynote 3 – What is Wrong with the What-Went-Right Approach in Educational Policy? – Gita Steiner-Khamsi
14:00 – 15:00 Keynote 4 – Constitution, Education and Research – Fuensanta Hernandez Pina

Friday 21 September
10:30 – 11:00 Conference radio programme 2
15:00 – 15:30 Conference radio programme 3


Running Live internet Radio from Festivals

August 8th, 2012 by Graham Attwell



Photo: Sal Borg

Last year we organised a workshop on web radio at the annual San Marino International Festival (SMIAF). This year we followed it up by launching SMIAF radio broadcasting directly from the main stage at the festival.

Although tiring – I think we put out about 15 hours of live radio – it was great fun. We had a team of four – I directed the broadcasts and co-hosted along with the wonderful Annalisa Schembri from Malta. And Michele Ghiotti! from San Marino, who participated in last years workshop did an amazing job dashing around the different festival sites gathering interviews with performers, vendors, festival volunteers and just about anyone who would stay still long enough to be interviewed. As always Dirk Stieglitz manfully manned the computers and somehow kept the broadcast going out, even when the tangle of feeds seemed mind boggling.

Although we have done many live shows from conferences and events we had never broadcast from a  festival before. It was a fairly steep learning curve but hard to see how we could have learned so much from another way than just doing it. We learned how important coordination and collaboration with the sound technicians and stage manager is. We failed in advance to realise how long sound checks can take and had to plan our way through that on the go. Live festival broadcasts require a great deal of flexibility and very quick decision making. Artists do not always turn up for sound checks at the time they are supposed to, acts do not always stick to the  timetable and nor do artists turn up for interviews at the exact time they say they would!

One issue which worried us prior to the festival was copyright for music. We could not even find out what the copyright laws were in San Marino. In the event we approached the artists and asked them for agreement that we could use their material. and they all readily agreed. This is not a big festival with super groups. The bands at the festival, just like the majority of performers all over the world, are desperate for any publicity they can get for their music. If people listen to a podcasts of their live performance they may buy their records or just as important may go and see them at a live gig. Indeed a number fo the bands asked if they could have copies of the interviews we made with them.

We also recorded a one hour informal discussion between the SMIAF staff and volunteers with Nobel prize winning writer and painter, Dario Fo. Unfortunately my Italian is fairly non existent but the bits a did get sounded extremely interesting.

We will be post processing the Dario Fo session, like all the other festival interviews and performances and releasing them on both the SMIAF website and the Pontydysgu site over the next month or so. And we will be very happy to provide copies to anyone who wants them.

Finally many thanks to the  core organisers from SMIAF, Meri, Matteo and the Tommies for all their help and support. And not forgetting Elio Balestrieri for keeping us supplied with beer!



Photo: Mariorosa di Nublia




Festival Fever

July 31st, 2012 by Graham Attwell

Festival fever is growing here at Pontydysgu HQ. Are we talking about the Olympics? No! Are we talking about the Green Man festival? No! We are, of course. talking about the wonderful San Marino festival of Music and Arts, from Friday 3 – Sunday 5 August. This is not a corporate sponsorship festival. This is a festival run by volunteers and the young people of San Marino. If you can make it up the mountain come and see us. But if not join the festival through our live radio programmes. And to get you in the mood, here is a video of the 2010 festival.

San Marino Festival radio Line up

July 30th, 2012 by Graham Attwell

I promised you the details of our LIVE internet radio programmes being broadcast in English and Italian next weekend from SMIAF, the San Marino Festival of Music and Arts.

Here is the line up (all times Central European Summer Time):

Friday, August 3:

19.00 hours: Interview Locustacustica
19.15 hours: Interview Beat INC
19.30 hours: Interview MartaMusicanta
20.00 hours until late: broadcasting band and dj

Saturday, August 4:

17.00 hours: talk on “A Digital Agenda for San Marino”, with Steven Muccioli, Graham Attwell, Dirk Stieglitz, Anthony Camilleri & Annalisa Schembri from Malta, Meri Of Nubila, Michele Ghiotti.
17.45 hours: interview former JB (funk, hip-hop, jazz) -> concert live at 18.00
19.00 hours: Interview and Alessandro Oliviero Mannucci Mazzei (amateurs)
19.15 hours: Interview Blessed Precarious
19.30 hours: Interview with DIGIT and its music
19.45 hours: Interview with Rufino Clown
20.00 hours: The Rock and Roll Circus Experience (rock Milan)
20.30 hours: Interview Trukitrek
20.45 hours: Interview Ottomans
21.00 hours: Interview IROL more live concert.
22.15 hours: Capoeira Group Interview
22.30 hours: Interview TREES
23 hours up to 3.30: broadcasting of concerts and DJ sets planned: The Rock and Roll Circus Experience, TREES

Sunday, August 5:

Music and interviews from 17.00
17.15 hours: Miss Red Interview
17.30 hours: Interview Cup Of Tea
17.45 hours: Interview’s Tree Meditation
18.00 hours: Beyond Interview
18.15 hours: Interview Agnani Luca and Claudio Cimini
18.30 hours: The Genius Interview
18.45 hours: Interview John Lens
19.00 hours: Interview with Carlos Chickpeas
19.15 hours: Ares Tavolazzi Trio Interview
19:30 hrs: Interview Lombroso
From 20.00: broadcasting band and dj

Its quite a schedule! And if last year was anything to go on, don’t miss the bands.

This year we are providing an internet stream in a number of different format, to suit almost any internet enabled device.

iTunes / MP3 players etc.
Windows Media Player:
Real Player:

And later this week we will be setting up dedicated pages on the Pontydysgu site and the SIAF web site just for this event. Put it in your diary now.



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