Greece – “scream NO to this inequality and injustice”

December 9th, 2008 by Graham Attwell

Photo of last nights riots in Athens by Michalis Kiriazis

We are proud to post this story by our friend and colleague, Maria Perifanou from Thessaloniki.

“Athens, 6/12/09 …a 15 years student is dead…a police officer killed  Alexandros Grigoropoulos without any reason at all! As witnesses sustain it was a direct hit but the officer who fired contends it was a ricochet from a warning shot . The question raised is how this can be happen in the birth land of democracy in 2008??‘There is no excuse’…’we will take revenge’ ‘state has forgotten us’ are some of the messages students left at the place where the boy died….

Greece is mourning, students protest, we all do but there is another side too!! There are people who destroy, steal and burn everything! These are no students, are no people with ideologies but they are people desperate who have nothing to loose. They scream NO to this inequality and injustice! There is a serious social and economical crisis! The answer is not violence but well organised protests!!
Students show that they are here, they understand, they fight they want to change this bad situation, they have VOICE!!

In democracy there are no dead ends, no anger only dialogue and will to do changes! The solution will be given by the nation, by each of us! We must fight for a better future.  New generation rebel and their message is clear PROTEST FOR DEMOCRACY AND RADICAL CHANGES WITH NO  VANDALISMS!!

Today 9/12/09 at 15:00 we say goodbye to Alex…”

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    Cyborg patented?

    Forbes reports that Microsoft has obtained a patent for a “conversational chatbot of a specific person” created from images, recordings, participation in social networks, emails, letters, etc., coupled with the possible generation of a 2D or 3D model of the person.

    Racial bias in algorithms

    From the UK Open Data Institute’s Week in Data newsletter

    This week, Twitter apologised for racial bias within its image-cropping algorithm. The feature is designed to automatically crop images to highlight focal points – including faces. But, Twitter users discovered that, in practice, white faces were focused on, and black faces were cropped out. And, Twitter isn’t the only platform struggling with its algorithm – YouTube has also announced plans to bring back higher levels of human moderation for removing content, after its AI-centred approach resulted in over-censorship, with videos being removed at far higher rates than with human moderators.

    Gap between rich and poor university students widest for 12 years

    Via The Canary.

    The gap between poor students and their more affluent peers attending university has widened to its largest point for 12 years, according to data published by the Department for Education (DfE).

    Better-off pupils are significantly more likely to go to university than their more disadvantaged peers. And the gap between the two groups – 18.8 percentage points – is the widest it’s been since 2006/07.

    The latest statistics show that 26.3% of pupils eligible for FSMs went on to university in 2018/19, compared with 45.1% of those who did not receive free meals. Only 12.7% of white British males who were eligible for FSMs went to university by the age of 19. The progression rate has fallen slightly for the first time since 2011/12, according to the DfE analysis.

    Quality Training

    From Raconteur. A recent report by global learning consultancy Kineo examined the learning intentions of 8,000 employees across 13 different industries. It found a huge gap between the quality of training offered and the needs of employees. Of those surveyed, 85 per cent said they , with only 16 per cent of employees finding the learning programmes offered by their employers effective.

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