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Blogging from earthday webcasthon

April 22nd, 2008 by Cristina Costa

As I sit here writing this quick blog post, I am listening to Sheila and Rye Junior High school.

We already had the pleasure to listen to this incredible live song on earthday, we now have pupils giving us advice and talking about their initiatives to make a world a better place.

My morning started today at 6am, like any other day. The only change is that, instead of heading out of the door to go and accomplish my daily mission, I instantaneously connected to the people I was going to work with. They were already there. Jose Rodriguez (California, USA), Elderbob (Texas, USA) and Doug Symington (Victoria, Canada) had already started the unconference session when I got there. We chatted away for about 3 hours about issues that worry us and compared issues in the different countries we are in. Dennis Newnson (Germany) also joined us and it was a great talk.

Before I could notice the time was up – time online flies by.  Ramona was skyping me. Her students were ready to come online. Ok, off we go, we said. And we did! The students skyped in and explained what they have been doing. They explained why they are an Eco-school, and that they are a green flag school. Meanwhile, Joao and his students were also ready to interact. OK, A little bit of Portuguese this time. 🙂

After that, we still had some more time for unconference. We welcomed more people into the skype chat…until we realized it was time for Andreas’ session.

Oh My God!! It was my time to host the webcast. I encountered some problems at the beginning. My skype played a trick on me and froze. I took a deep breathe and restarted the application. Off we went again. Andreas’ session was highly professional. A full program in German Language. How cool is that?

Once again, the time just seemed to be running away. It was almost 1200 BST and I had to rush to the university. I kicked the webcast to Doug (thanks again for all the collaboration and support!) and left for a while.

But I couldn’t get my mind of it. I am back now and happy to be able to participate actively again. This is just a great experience. This is true collaboration. This is doing exactly what we preach – enabling the students to develop a voice ; educators and students working side by side, experts and different perspectives coming together in spite of time and space differences, and above all makeing this a meaningful and FUN experience for everyone.

what else can we ask for?

….back to Earthcast08 webcasthon written chat now!

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    Better-off pupils are significantly more likely to go to university than their more disadvantaged peers. And the gap between the two groups – 18.8 percentage points – is the widest it’s been since 2006/07.

    The latest statistics show that 26.3% of pupils eligible for FSMs went on to university in 2018/19, compared with 45.1% of those who did not receive free meals. Only 12.7% of white British males who were eligible for FSMs went to university by the age of 19. The progression rate has fallen slightly for the first time since 2011/12, according to the DfE analysis.

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