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Teachers, nerdyness and tech

October 3rd, 2008 by Graham Attwell

Jenny Hughes has had a hard week editing a handbook for teachers on technology. The stress is begining to show. Whilst waiting for partners from the Taccle project (who are producing the handbook) to arrive, she twittered to me this reflection on teachers and nerdyness on an open skype channel :). And teachers – we love you really. LOL

“teachers get nerdy about who sits where in staff room

and nerdy about cardigans

and potted plants on the window sill

and using a ruler to do their register

and not lending anyone their red pen

and sandwiches in tupperware containers

and the Daily Mail

and whether its morally justified in going on strike when the future of the world is in their hand

and keeping peppermints in their desk

and seeig if they can make their suply of sugar paper last longer than anyone else

and nature tables

and box pleated skirts

(thats just the men)

and having special things for de-icing their windows

and posting a list of Rules of the Staff Room on the wall

which always starts with the milk and biscuit buying rota

and ends with a warning about not leaving dirty cups

which is underlined 3 times

with too many exclamation marks

but computers, I assure you, they are not nerdy about

Mind you (because Im bored sitting in hotel waiting for foreigners) teachers do have some techy skills

they are very good with shoe lace technology

have built in sensors and rapid response programmes for spotting the kid who is going to throw up or piss themselves

some of us were shit hot on the ballistics of board rubbers

(you have to be able to get  them to land wood side down on the desk to give kid nasty noisy fright or felt side down to leave them spluttering and coughing in a cloud of chalk dust. Its a high level skill)

they are competent at every sort of print technology from Caxton, through spirit copiers, Bandas, Roneos and Gestetners with or without wax stencils and including John Bull printing outfits. You can assess competence by seeing how big the pink, purple or green stain on their fingers is.

the older ones    can still tune the wireless in to Music and Movement (with Daphne Oxenford)

and some of them can even fit together those plastic shapes that make geodesic domes. The others stuff them in the back of the cupboard and hope the kids don’t find them

they are really good at measuring the length of the playground with a push along wheely thing and they check it every year just to make sure

and best of all they have pencil sharpeners whith a handle you turn on their desks. They are awesome.

so not entirely techno deficient

it’s just those com…comt…compu things

on line again tomorrow

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2 Responses to “Teachers, nerdyness and tech”

  1. Love it!

    The trouble is, for me, after 30 years of taking my Tupperware sandwich boxes to work, I’ve lost all my lids. Have to start thinking now about an alternative way to taking sandwiches to work. Not sure I can cope with such a complex problem. 🙂

  2. Byturk says:

    Love it!

    Thank you !

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