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UK governement wants to fast track failed bankers to teaching

March 10th, 2009 by Graham Attwell

I get more angry everyday over the UK government’s total mishandling of the economic crisis and its associated social impact. This is the latest ridiculous announcement as reported in the Guardian newspaper.

“High-fliers who lose their jobs in the recession will be able to retrain as teachers in just six months …..And those who are particularly gifted could become headteachers within four years …..The initiative, which is part of Labour’s public service reforms, will from September halve the minimum time it takes to train as a qualified teacher in England from a year to six months.

Ministers hope it will attract credit crunch victims from the City and the country’s brightest university graduates, many of whom are now looking for jobs in the public sector.

At least 200 people will be fast-tracked into headteacher roles from next year. Some will qualify for “golden hellos” of £10,000 for choosing schools in deprived areas.”

I totally fail to see what skills and competences former high fliers in the banking and finance sector have that makes them so suited for being a teacher. And besides anything else, they would need an extra six monthes course in ethics if they were seriously to enter a classroom.

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3 Responses to “UK governement wants to fast track failed bankers to teaching”

  1. Steve says:

    Ha! I can’t imagine a “golden hello” of 10kGBP getting your average ibanker excited.

  2. Paul Hollins says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more indeed I would go as far as to say those in banking are probably totally unsuited to teaching. Are these the same high flyers now complaining about the security of Teachers pensions and positions whilst taking the option years ago to “rape” the UK economy for all it is worth with their six figure bonuses?

  3. Rob Wilkins says:


    Well said. This is sheer governmental hypocrisy and one inittiative that will backfire bigtime. Having worked a lifetime in this industry, only as an adult educator, I have come to know the drivers of behaviour and the attraction here will be self survival, not career building or alternative employment.

    Stupid, Just stupid…….

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