About the EmployID project

EmployID LogoEuropean Public Employment Services (PES) are facing important challenges, as they are key agents in supporting Europe’s strategic goal of high levels of employability during a period of economic turbulence and demographic change. The increased demands on these public servants have precipitated a need for professional identity transformation. To perform successfully in their job and to support their own and their clients’ career adaptability and resilience they need to acquire a set of new transversal skills, develop additional competencies, as well as embed a professional culture of continuous improvement.

EmployID aims to support and facilitate the learning process of PES practitioners in their professional identity development by the efficient use of technologies to provide advanced coaching, reflection, networking and learning support services. Based on adult learning theories, the project focuses on technological developments that make facilitation services for professional identity transformation cost-effective and sustainable by empowering individuals and organisations to engage in transformative practices, using a variety of learning and facilitation processes. These include

  • e-coaching tools that make coaching processes more efficient and enable the development of coaching skills,
  • tools for reflection and reflexivity that can be integrated into coaching processes,
  • novel networking and facilitation tools to support individuals to become effective facilitators for the learning of others, and
  • flexible scorecard visualizations as a form of workplace learning analytics, partially informed by data collected from the user activities and feedback.


These new tools will, where appropriate, be integrated into existing organisational learning and training infrastructures, such as existing learning management systems (LMS), but the lessons learned from engagement with PES organisations in identity transformation processes will also be extended Europe-wide through the development and delivery of a Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC). Privacy aspects will be addressed carefully by appropriate technical and organisational means.

The EmployID framework will help PES practitioners to increase their efficiency and effectiveness by transforming their professional identities in response to rapidly changing pressures and demands and facilitate PES organisations in effectively managing the up-skilling of their staff and delivery of key aspects of their services. These activities will be fully supported by the individual members (national PES) of the pan- European (27 countries) PES to PES dialogue and by the network as a whole. A comprehensive and empirically validated indicator framework for PES organisations adaptable to their needs will support the development of a performance improvement culture. Our holistic approach is targeting professional identity transformation on an individual, organisational and European network level.