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Comics and Projects

December 5th, 2007 by Graham Attwell


Projects are central to the development of new ideas and applications for learning and technology. Projects allow us the space to try out new ideas and the time and opportunity to explore and share those ideas. At least in theory. In truth we spend too much time chasing money, in matching our ideas to what policy makers and funders want and in filling in endless report forms. But, it goes with the territory.One thing I think we are woefully weak at it making the results of our projects available. Yes, we have our conference papers. and we have the project web sites, complete with partner logos and PDF downloads of reports. But far too seldom is the work presented in a way that the ideas are accessible or is there an engaging narrative of what we did and what we found out and how it might be used by others.Pontydysgu are not brilliant at this. But we have been thinking about the issue. One thing we decided to do was to present a brief overview of all the different projects we are engaged in, together with links to project web sites and resources.

That section is now live on our web site, althoigh there is still some data to add. And at some time, I will try to turn some of the less transparent project descriptions, lifted from project applications and web sites, into some more convincing texts.We have also been looking at how to use multimedia to present our ideas – through podcasts and videos and slideshows. More recently we have been developing comics. Adrian Puscuta, our intern student form Bucharest has shown a real aptitude for this work. The first two of his Comic Books – ‘Searching, Lurking and the Zone of Proximal Development’ and ‘Personal Learning Environments – What they are and what they might be useful for’ are now on line in the Multimedia/Comics section of the site.I’d be interested in what you think. I like Comic books because of the power of the pictures and text together to construct a narrative. When I make a presentation I try to tell a story – the Comic Books are the nearest way I have found of telling those stories in an asynchronous media.

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2 Responses to “Comics and Projects”

  1. This is briljant! But is this not very complex to produce? And I hope Pontydysgu when Adrian has left the building.

  2. Graham Attwell says:

    It is not as hard as it looks Wilfred. We use ComicLife. Perhaps the most difficult thing is producing the story boards, the narrative which holds it all together. The next thing is a good store of photos. Most of ours are Creative Commons licensed from Flickr. This takes a lot of time searching but obviously gets easier after you build up a stock. ComicLife is great because it comes with presets of filters. Obviously you could do it yourself in Photoshop but it would take for ever. and it comes with a great range of templates – although we have developed quite a lot of these ourselves.

    And then it is not so much complex but time consuming – but a lot of fun. I produced a project evaluation report as a cartoon book – it is the first such report I did which I think everyone read!

    NB. Although ComicLife used to be Mac only there is now a public beta of a PC version available.

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    Forbes reports that Microsoft has obtained a patent for a “conversational chatbot of a specific person” created from images, recordings, participation in social networks, emails, letters, etc., coupled with the possible generation of a 2D or 3D model of the person.

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    Racial bias in algorithms

    From the UK Open Data Institute’s Week in Data newsletter

    This week, Twitter apologised for racial bias within its image-cropping algorithm. The feature is designed to automatically crop images to highlight focal points – including faces. But, Twitter users discovered that, in practice, white faces were focused on, and black faces were cropped out. And, Twitter isn’t the only platform struggling with its algorithm – YouTube has also announced plans to bring back higher levels of human moderation for removing content, after its AI-centred approach resulted in over-censorship, with videos being removed at far higher rates than with human moderators.

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    Gap between rich and poor university students widest for 12 years

    Via The Canary.

    The gap between poor students and their more affluent peers attending university has widened to its largest point for 12 years, according to data published by the Department for Education (DfE).

    Better-off pupils are significantly more likely to go to university than their more disadvantaged peers. And the gap between the two groups – 18.8 percentage points – is the widest it’s been since 2006/07.

    The latest statistics show that 26.3% of pupils eligible for FSMs went on to university in 2018/19, compared with 45.1% of those who did not receive free meals. Only 12.7% of white British males who were eligible for FSMs went to university by the age of 19. The progression rate has fallen slightly for the first time since 2011/12, according to the DfE analysis.

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    Quality Training

    From Raconteur. A recent report by global learning consultancy Kineo examined the learning intentions of 8,000 employees across 13 different industries. It found a huge gap between the quality of training offered and the needs of employees. Of those surveyed, 85 per cent said they , with only 16 per cent of employees finding the learning programmes offered by their employers effective.

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